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PinkyPeach™ Intimate Skin Whitening Soap

PinkyPeach™ Intimate Skin Whitening Soap

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Restore your glowing skin naturally!

Brighten your skin with our PinkyPeach™ Intimate Skin Whitening Soap - a natural & gentle exfoliating treatment at home that can boost your confidence so you can flaunt your flawlessly, smooth body!

Its exfoliating rich foam instantly fades dark spots and removes acne on skin -  leaving you with hydrated, soft and firmer skin.

It deeply moisturizes rough skin for a more youthful radiance at the same time. Perfect to use for buttocks, underarms, elbow & knee, butt and to your private parts as well.

Specially formulated with rich, nutritional minerals. Its natural ingredients are suitable & safe for all skin types.

With daily use of our intimate skin whitening soap, you can experience the most perfect, nourished and younger looking skin that you always wanted!

Weight: 80g

1pc x PinkyPeach™ Intimate Skin Whitening Soap

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