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Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper
Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper
Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper
Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper
Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper
Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper
Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper

Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper

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Always keep you warm and clean while slimming your legs!

Our Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper adopts the advanced sparse technology, the waterproof nano particles makes the leggings resistant to accidental spills, saving you from the embarrassing moments. 

The leggings are lined with duo-fold, interlock-knit of high-quality velvet and fleece. The flattering snug-fit design fits around the dimensions of your body, keeping warm without adding a bulky layer

Made with SilkTech™ 4-Way Stretch fabric and features an elastic waistband, the leggings offer optimal compression to shape leg curves, lift your butt and flatten your tummy, while granting you full movement

  • High-tech Anti-fouling :
    Waterproof nano material effectively prevents water, cola, juice, coffee, red wine, milk, ketchup, tea, olive oil, soy sauce, etc. from accidental spilling and penetrating into the leggings
  • Full Sculpting for Perfect S-Curve :
    Instant butt lifting, leg slimming and tummy flattening for the perfect S-curve

  • Incredible Thermal Guard:
    Store body heat for ultimate warmth and comfort, providing high-performance insulation even in -15° winter

  • Interlock-Knit Fleece & Velvet Lining :
    Duo mesh not only enhancing the density to trap the heat but also offers you the ultra-flattering fit

  • One Size Fits All :
    Snug-fit comfortably fit all types and shapes of different bodies, even for plus size ladies, but without making you look bulky

  • SilkTech™ Stretchy & Comfy:
    Super elastic 4-way stretch fabric with SilkTech™ to grant you all-day wearing comfort and granting you full range of motion without restriction 

  • Elastic High Waistband :
    No way to cut into your body and leave the muffin top look; prevents your leggings from sagging

  • Optimal Compression Shaping :
    Contour your body in the perfect S-shape with optimal pressure distribution but not bagging you out

  • Feels Like Your Second Skin :
    Super soft and light fabrics ;perfect stretch for contour fit, light feel, thick non-perspective fabric, and haute couture stitching

  • Prevents Camel Toe :
    Lightweight yet hiding camel toe to avoid embarrassing moments especially when exercising  

  • Simple Cut & Color :
    Perfect to be worn alone as bottom wear; style it with nearly any clothing on top, such as a sparkly top or a warm cashmere turtleneck for everyday wear
  • Material : Polyester, Spandex, Velvet & Fleece (Inner Linging)
  • Color : Black, Nude 
  • Size: Free Size
  • Recommended Body Size : 50-95kg
  • Style : Panty House, Step On Foot 
  • Lining: Normal, Fleece


  • 1 pair x Anti-fouling Warm Fleece Leg Shaper

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